Recipes - Summer Ale


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If you've tried making beer from kits and are ready for the next stage in brewing beer then this malt extract recipe is the one for you. In addition to your standard kit brewing equipment, you will need a large pan and a sieve. It takes a little more time but the results are worth the effort and what's more you can customise your brew to reflect you tastes. This one will really impress your friends!

This is our favourite base Ale recipe. You can tinker with this one and we've adding some suggestions at the bottom. We would recommend sticking to the recipe for the first brew but once you've mastered the basic technique the world is your oyster.

Barrel or Bottle for a fantastic, full flavoured Ale which you will savour to the last bottle. Make sure you get your next brew on in plenty of time to avoid running out.

This recipe uses the malt extract technique for brewing and will produce approx 21 litres (around 40 x 500 ml bottles). 





25 Litre Fermenting bin + lid

Trail Jar





Brew starter equipment set contains all of above.


You will also need a large pan (big enough to boil 6 litres of water) and a strainer.





50grm East Kent Goldings hops

25grm Progress hops

2 x 1kg light dried malt extract

350g Crushed Crystal Malt

English Ale Yeast

(Get all of above in our Summer Ale recipe pack)

80g sugar for priming the barrel.


Approx 21 Litres of bottled water.



all equipment and rise before using.

Bring 6 litres of water to between 65-70 C and steep 350g of the crystal malt for 30 mins. Monitor the temp and add heat if it drops below 65 C. Remove the grains with a strainer and bring the liquid to the boil. 

Dissolve the malt extract and 15g of the Progress hops and 20g of Goldings. Boil for 30 mins. Add a further 10g of Progress hops and 15g of the Goldings and boil for a further 30 minutes. Add a further 15g of the Goldings for another 2 mins.

Add 8 litres of water to a the fermenting bin then strain the boiled liquid into the water. Top up the fermenting bin to 21 litre mark. Ideally pouring the remaining water through the strainer to extract maximum flavour from the hops. Add the yeast when the liquid has cooled, if in doubt use a thermometer to check the temperature. Take a hydrometer reading and record starting gravity. Place a clean tea towel over the top of the fermenting bin then place the lid loosley on top. Move to a suitable area in the house and leave until fermentation is complete. Bottle or Barrel and wait approx 1 - 2 weeks to clear.

OG: 1.035-1.038

FG: 1.008-1.012

14 EBC

27 IBU

This will give you an ABV of around 3.5%.

See our Need to know - Barrel or Bottle section for more information.

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As with all extract recipes, you can add or change the ingredients to personalise the brews. The options are endless but here are a few suggestions to get you started:

* Add 2 teaspoons of crushed coriander seed to the boil.

* Add Kaffir Lime leaves at the end of the boil for a refreshing zing.

* Try adding fresh grated ginger for the last 15 mins of the boil

* Exclude the crystal malt for a golden coloured ale, you may also want to add 500g extra spraymalt light.

* Try using different yeasts as they all add individual character to your beer.

* Try using different hops. You will need to alter the qty's to allow for different alpha contents.

* You can add more malt extract to increase the ABV. 500g will increase by around 0.5%. Add to the pan after boiling is complete otherwise you will alter the bitterness.

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