Recipes - Sharps Citrus Golden Ale


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Sharp's Brewery is a modern brewer of cask conditioned beer. Since its foundation in 1994 at Rock in Cornwall the Brewery has grown rapidly to become the largest brewer of cask beer in the South West and brewer of Doom Bar, one of the UK's fastest growing beer brands and a firm favourite of the BrewUK team.

Sharp's is committed to brewing great beer from quality ingredients, without artificial additives in probably the UK's most environmentally friendly brewery.

Head Brewer, Stuart Howe, has given is one of his personal recipes for you to recreate at home.

We put this one together a few weeks ago and its a delicious, highly hopped ale, which is going down a treat at Brew UK (after hours of course!).

To make 25 Litres.

O.G. 1050
P.G. 1010
ABV 5.16%
Liquor: (if using water treatment):
180ppm calcium
200ppm Chloride
300ppm Suplhate
Remove any carbonates and bicarbonates
Mash liquor = 11 litres
Sparge = 19 litres
4.98kg Pale ale malt (4 EBC or less)
112g Wheat malt

(assumes 75% effeciency)
Start of boil 10g any hop with alpha of around 10%
One hour into boil 20g Hallertauer Brewer’s Gold
End of boil 60g Styrian Goldings and 80g Cascade  
Mash temp 63oC 1 hour stand
Sparge temp 77oC
Boil 75 minutes as vigorously as possible
Leave hops to sit in wort after heater off for an hour before transferring to FV. Fit cover to kettle while you do this.
Crash cool to 20oC ASAP after stand
Fermentation and conditioning:
Yeast = Wyeast London III

Fermentation temp 20oC
Should ferment in 7 days
Condition for 7 days at 12oC
Fine and serve 12oC

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