Recipes - Rocker APA


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New Zealand powerhouse hops Nelson Sauvin and Cascade provide the intense bitterness and wonderful fruit flavours which perfectly compliment the strength of this fiesty American Style Pale Ale. A great summer drink, providing mouthwatering refreshment.



25 Litre Fermenting bin + lid

Trial Jar





Brew starter equipment set contains all of above.


You will also need a large pan big enough to boil 10 litres of water and a strainer.





25grm NZ Cascade hops

50grm Nelson Sauvin hops

3 x 1kg light dried malt extract

Nottingham Yeast

(Get all of above in our Rocker APA recipe pack)

120g sugar for priming the bottles.


Approx 19 Litres of bottled water.



Sanitise all equipment and rinse well before using.

Bring 10 litres of water to the boil, remove from the heat and stir in 1kg of Spraymalt, ensuring all lumps are stirred in.  Bring back to the boil then add the 25g Nz Cascade and 20 g of Nelson Sauvin hops. Boil vigourously for 45 mins then remove from the heat and stir in the remaining 2kg spraymalt light and add 10g of Nelson Sauvin hops. Bring back to the Boil for a further 15 mins. Allow to cool to 80c then add the balance of the Nelson Sauvin hops and steep for 1/2 hr.

Place 6 litres of water in the fermenting bin then strain the boiled liquid into the water. Top up the fermenting bin to the 19 litre mark. Ideally pouring the remaining water through the strainer to extract maximum flavour from the hops. Add the yeast when the liquid has cooled, if in doubt use a thermometer to check the temperature. Take a hydrometer reading and record starting gravity. Place the lid back on (add airlock if you have one) or just loosely clip the lid down so the Co2 can escape. Ferment at 20c/22c until complete (approx 1 week, ensure completion by taking a constant hydrometer reading over 2 days) then transfer to bottles (adding 120g of priming sugar).  Leave the bottles at room temperature for 3 days then move somewhere cooler to clear.

Approx OG: 1.058

Approx FG: 1.014

Bitterness 55 IBU

This will give you an ABV of around 5.7%

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