Recipes - Sloe Gin


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Ready late September, Sloe's make a delicious warming liquor.  This recipe makes approx 1 litre and is best stored for at least 2 months although it will benefit from longer. Pick the nice large juicy berries for best results, traditionally just after the first frost but freezing them before use will have the same softening effect. Bottle and label for a thoughtful, handmade Christmas gift!


EquSloes up closeipment:

Demijohn  or similar glass container







500g of Sloes

225g Caster sugar

1 Litre of Gin (Quality Gin is best)



Sanitise and rinse all equipment.

1. Add the sloes (prick with a pin if you haven't frozen them), sugar and gin to the demi john.

2. Give them a good shake then store somewhere dark and give them a good shake every few days initially, then once a week.

3. After around 8 weeks, strain off and taste and adding more sugar if desired. Do this by dissolving the sugar in some warm water then adding to the gin in small qty's tasting as you go. Store in sterilised, sealed bottles until served.

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