Recipes - Kernel Brewery Double Citra

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One of the UK's most up and coming craft breweries, London's Kernel has become synonymous with quality, small batch beers. Brewed with passion and attention to detail The Kernel Brewery is one to watch.

One of their most popular beers, this Citra Double IPA combines powerful citrus character with malty strength.

Mango, citrus and much more all with the perfect balanced bitterness. Alcohol is present but very well balanced at 9.5 ABV.

The most important thing when brewing an IPA is to keep it simple. Even more so when brewing a DIPA. The key points to hit are having a low final gravity (hence the sugar addition and low mash temperature), a healthy and well temperature-controlled fermentation, and drinking it after it has conditioned but before it tastes old (between 3-10 weeks after bottling).

OG: 1.0815
FG: 1.011
IBU 80
ABV 9.5%

60 minute mash @ 66.5'C
95% Pale malt
5% Sugar (added toward the end of the boil)
(This is by weight. 93.5% and 6.5% by extract).

60 minute boil.
FW: Citra 2g/L
20 mins (from the end of the boil): 0.5g/L
15: 1g/L
10: 2g/L
5: 3g/L
Feel free to add in a whirlpool or hopback addition if this is available to you.

Ferment at 20'C with a low ester-producing, alcohol tolerant American ale strain. Leave to ferment until the gravity stops falling. Leave for an extra 2 days warm, then cool to 12'C and take off the yeast if possible. 7 days cold condition and Dry hop at 12'C  with 5g/L for 3 days before bottling / kegging if using pellets, dry hop 7 days before bottling / kegging if using whole cone hops.

Prime with sugar 3.5g/L. leave for 2-4 weeks conditioning in bottle or keg. If you force carbonate in keg, then drink it sooner.

Get all the ingredients in our All Grain recipe pack - Here

We also have produced a extract recipe conversion pack which is available Here.  For best results The brewers from Kernel recommend producing this beer using the All Grain method of brewing.