Yeast Bay

IMPORTANT INFORMATION. Liquid yeast has a much shorter shelf life than dried and therefore must be kept refrigerated until ready to use. The viable cells will decrease over time and therefore you may need to make a yeast starter up prior to pitching. Please use our pitch calculator to ensure you pitch the correct amount of yeast given the production date on the pack.

We are not able to publish yeast productions dates on the website as they change too frequently but if you contact us via live chat or email we will check the current stock dates of any given strain (s).

More information on using yeast can be found on our blog here -

If you have any issues with your yeast please contact us with the production date on the yeast and details of your wort (ABV, Volume, O2 method). Unfortunately we are not able to replace any yeast or ingredients if the brewer has not followed our guide and therefore not used the yeast correctly.