The Activator™ has a minimum of 100 billion cells of pure, ready-to-pitch yeast, plus an internal nutrient packet. The Activator™ is designed to inoculate five gallons of wort (up to 1.060 SG) providing the pitching rate recommended by professional brewers.

This assumes the yeast has just been made and a yeast starter may be necessary for yeasts which are more than 4 weeks old.

These liquid yeasts make a huge difference to the final outcome of your beer and are easily recovered and saved for future brews making them economical. Try them and if you are not entirely satisfied with the results we will refund you.

If there is a strain that we don't stock which you require then please contact us as we will be able to order for you although there will be a short lead time.

All liquid yeasts need to be kept in the fridge until used.