We believe in offering the best possible ingredients for the home brewer. All our grains are packed as soon as they are crushed in airtight heat sealed strong plastic bags for maximum freshness. Due to this we can only offer grains fixed quantity packs as packing to order in variable quantities would mean it would be impossible for us to keep the grains fresh. We are confident that we offer the freshest grains available in the UK but if you are at all unhappy with the quality then please let us know as your feedback is invaluable.

We measure the colour of the grain using EBC (European Brewing Convention). The higher the EBC the darker the malt. Other countries may use different scales, including Lovibond (L) and Standard Reference Method (SRM). Lovibond and SRM are bascially the same but to convert to EBC you need to multiply by 2. Ie 40 L/SRM = 80 EBC

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