A Grainfather Connect Version

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A Grainfather Connect Version


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Latest updated UK version with the new control box. In stock for immediate despatch.

The Grainfather is your all in one brewing system to make beer from grain. The sleek look, user friendly design, and innovative features, make this your perfect brewing companion for both experienced and beginner all grain brewers.

Into distilling? Simply change the top to the Alchemist Series Pot Still Setup and you can distil from grain too. What more could you ask for? (Please check local legal requirements for using the equipment for this purpose and obtain any required certificates).

The units are very well packaged and sent fully insured. In the unlikely event that the item is damaged in transit we will fix any issues straight away.

This superior unit includes:

304 grade stainless steel superior body, with 30L (8 US Gal) capacity

Expandable grain basket to suit grain bills up to 9kg

A robust magnetic drive pump (6 watt, 1800 RPM) and wort recirculation pipe with insulated handle, ensuring consistent tempratures throughout the mash and maximising efficiencies

Pump filter to keep hops and stray grain in the boiler, and your wort clear and bright

Counter Flow Wort Chiller with copper inner coil, cooling your wort to <20°c within 20mins

Toughened plastic control box and display screen, giving you total tempetature and pump control. Dial in the exact temperature for your mash, allowing both step mashing and single temperature mashing with very fast ramp up between steps

Dual heating element (2000 watt and 500 watt elements) allowing you to switch between heating quickly to a vigorous boil and maintaining a stable temperature

Tempered glass lid for maximum durability, heating efficiencies and visibility during your brewday

Top and bottom mesh screens for your grain basket, allowing even distribution of your sparge water and ensuring no grain enters the boiler

Clips to easily convert your Grainfather into a home distillery with the Alembic Pot Still Setup

1 year full product warranty

Brewing support direct from the manufacturers

For software calculations use the following

Add 2.7L water for every KG of grain.
There is a 3.5L dead space underneath the basket when it is in the boiler.
Use this calculation to work out the mash water amount :
(Grain weight x 2.7) +3.5 = mash water

3L per hour boil off (this is from a 28L pre boil volume. If you have a 20L pre boil volume this will be 3.5L per hour boil off. )

Average mash efficiency
85% (this is the average based on many trials and can vary depending on grains. Highest mash efficiency I have had is 88.7% and lowest is 79%)

Other factors
2L lost to trub
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Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Great Kit - Really speeds up the brew day
    Review by Alanon 05/09/2018
    After nearly a year of ownership I am now several brews in with this equipment and have really enjoyed my brew days using it.
    First of all turning the heat on first thing from my bed after filling my strike water the night before has really saved me lots of time on my brew days. But as the heater is so efficient it seems to take no time for the notification to come back that that the strike water is up to temp and its time to get up and get stuck into the brew day.
    With the Grainfather maintaining temps even through steped mashes it make the whole process so simple and before I know it the sparge is done and the boil is ready to go.
    The counter flow chiller is also so efficient I'm now only using a fraction of the water to cool compared to my immersion chiller and the time from flame out to pitching yeast has dropped significantly.
    The only hiccup I've had along the way was on my first brew when the temp sensor was not fully inserted into the thermowell and I ended up with an 80+ degree mash which destroyed my malt. As an extra check I now always take an extra reading from another thermometer before adding my malts.
    Other than that I've had a great time with this equipment and am looking forwards to many more brews to come.
  • Rating
    brilliant piece of kit
    Review by Maxion 01/09/2018
    i've had the GF for a few months now, once you're used to the setup and the steps you need to go through, this works pretty much like a professional piece of kit. a little flimsy here and there (thin metal) but as long as you take care of it, it should last you a long time. would recommend to get a hop spider as well, especially when you are brewing hoppy beers, as the filter can get stuck and that's a bit of a nightmare... counterflow chiller works amazing, depending on the temperature of your water, this should cool down a batch of 20l in about 20-30mins without a problem. would highly recommend if you want to be serious about the hobby. the connect app is amazing by the way and also worth checking out brew.grainfather.com as it has an integrated recipe creator and database that connects with your app.
  • Rating
    Review by Andrewon 21/07/2018
    What a great piece of kit. I’ve been using a three vessel system and, whilst a good start, I really wish I’d just gone straight for the Grainfather. Easy to use but with enough complexity to feel really part of the process it has allowed me to make some cracking beer.
  • Rating
    Review by Jeffreyon 19/03/2018
    What a fantastic bit of kit, made my first AG brew day a joy.
    If anybody is thinking of getting an all in one system get one of these, you get what you pay for. Did I say that I am chuffed with mine.
    Its simple to use and easy to clean, with a small footprint for storage.
  • Rating
    Grainfather is Awesome
    Review by Quirkybreweron 22/01/2018
    Being a Pro Brewer I'd always skipped over the all in one brewing systems thinking they were "cheating" the production of craft ale.
    How wrong was I!
    After some proper research on the product I decided to get one.
    Makes home brewing much more contained and more easy to clean ect.
    It has an amazing efficiency and I can produce some excellent beers from it.
  • Rating
    Great all grain system
    Review by Stuarton 29/12/2017
    Have been really impress d by the Grainfather, especially with the connect controller. Setting up and downloading recipes from the web to your device and into the connect controller works great for me and was a breeze to create my first brew.
  • Rating
    No detailed instructions
    Review by echtdampferon 02/11/2017
    This is an extremely well manufactured product and, compared with its competitors excellent value for money.
    So why have I given it only four stars?
    The reason is that it doesn't come with either detailed written instructions or an instructional DVD. I know that there may be videos online but for an old fogey like me who doesn't subscribe to Facetube or the Twittersphere and is still lumbered with Virgin media where video streaming is subject to buffering and crashing and who considers modern technology to be little short of witchcraft, trying to find and view instructional videos online is next to impossible.
  • Rating
    The Grainfather connect
    Review by simonon 23/10/2017
    I have been making all grain receipes off and on for a while. Using a big pan and mash tun.Although the grainfather with connect box may seem a little expensive, I do not regret buying one. To me it makes all grain brewing far easier. It still takes around 5 hours to make. Still yet to sample a finished beer. Also connecting through Bluetooth is handy.
  • Rating
    Pretty much faultless
    Review by Andrewon 17/10/2017
    Had one for just over a year and many varied brews later I can say for certain that it works great, it is easy to use and it makes great beer.
    If you want all that plus your brewing gear to fit in a corner not take up the whole garage, then buy buy buy.
  • Rating
    Grainfather - A pleasure to use
    Review by Luccathedogon 03/10/2017
    I bought the GF over the Summer. I had not brewed before but was very interested in starting an immersive new hobby, to distract from work. I read avidly both physical books and Internet resources and fancied going straight to all grain brewing. The GF enjoys a lot of good press in the main and deservedly so. It is a pleasure to use and so long as you are disciplined with knowing all the steps you need to do, and when, on your brew day (set aside a good few hours from start to finish), the GF and the GF Connect App work really well.

    Being a single vessel system it keeps me out of the kitchen and fairly contained in the garage with a food grade hose from the outside tap for my water needs. My first brew, St Austell's Proper Job, is just starting its cold conditioning. I am blown away with how close it is to the original. The clarity, colour, hoppy flavours and aroma are just superb. This is my first ever - and all grain - brew. Aside from strict sanitation and fermentation temperature control (and a lovely liquid yeast) the success of this brew is thanks to the Grainfather. Get it and the sparge heater/equivalent and you will not regret it. On the off chance there are product issues down the line the manufacturer, unlike many, places a premium on customer service and support. There are also loads of great resources out there to help you on your GF brewing journey.
  • Rating
    Love it
    Review by Peter Kon 03/06/2017
    Definitely worth considering for anyone wanting a neat (one pot) solution to all/whole grain brewing.
    Give yourself plenty of time for your first brew, whilst you work out where all the bits and pieces go and how they fit together. Also make sure you give the whole GF a jolly good clean & rinse, right up to the top, before you start your first brew.
    Every brew gets easier and easier to do as confidence in using the equipment grows. You also quickly learn to trust the water volume calculations.
    For me, the single most outstanding feature is the chiller. It is just phenomenal. You have wort in your fermenter, ready for the yeast to be added, in no time at all; extraordinary.
    Overall, it's a great piece of kit. I have already had lots of fun producing a wide variety of really tasty beers, stouts and lagers. So, roll-on the next rainy day (brew day!!) but if not, sit out in the glorious sunshine and have a pint or two. Happy days indeed.
  • Rating
    Grainfather connect for first all-grain brew
    Review by Billon 24/04/2017
    I've been brewing with extract kits for several years with fairly good success and decided to move into all-grain brewing to give me a wider range of beers to experiment with. I'd been watching the prices of grainfathers for a few months and when the offer of a grainfather connect with a free sparge water heater came along I took the plunge.

    I was pretty pleased with the package when it arrived, some of the assembly is a little non-intuitive but there are loads of you-tube videos to guide you through. One major annoyance though was that the instructions tell you to clean it with special grainfather cleaner before first use and there is none included. I tried googling suitable alternatives but I didn't have anything, and didn't fancy trashing my shiny new bit of kit so I had to order some cleaner and wait for it to arrive. Very, very frustrating. Why Grainfather don't include a sample pack of cleaner to do the first clean is beyond me.

    The first brew went very well. The kit has certainly been well thought out to minimise the space required and to automate stuff as much as possible. The only niggle I had was that it took a really long time to reach the boil. It heated up pretty fast until about 88 degrees and then seemed to get stuck. In the end I fiddled with the controls to force it to stay at 100% power and that got past that hitch.

    The sparge water heater did its job OK, although I found the numbers on the dial to be quite inaccurate compared to when measured with a thermomemeter. They were consistent though, so once you have worked out where to set the dial it is Ok from then on.

    The improvement I would like though is some way to automate getting the sparge water from the heater into the grainfather. The grainfather instructions tell you to keep the sparge water at a depth of 10mm above the top perforated plate in the grainfather. On my first brew the sparging took nearly 90 minutes of standing there transferring water from the heater to the grainfather in jugs a little at a time. Some sort of automated system with a float valve or sensor would be a huge time-saver.

    If I have one other complaint it is that the pump seems a bit underpowered. When chilling the wort, the filter got a bit clogged and the flow was down to a trickle. Even when the filter is not clogged the flow doesn't seem to be that high.

    Only done two brews so far and neither are yet ready to drink, but overall I am very happy.
  • Rating
    Why did I not get this earlier
    Review by Alanon 23/03/2017
    I've done two brews on this now, and I'm already looking forward to doing my third. Unfortunately I've not tasted any beer yet, as it's all bubbling away nicely.

    To start, the set up by following the instructions I found a little confusing, there were some steps that I thought were missing, but I've been watching a load of you-tube videos about this in anticipation. I'd advice you to do the same.

    The 1st brewday went smoothly, with only one mishap. Please remember to put a hose clamp on to the blue inlet to the CFC, where you attach the hose pipe. Mine came off and cold water flew about the kitchen.

    The wort going into the FV was clear, (I was brewing a Mosaic IPA). I used hop pellets, and there was only a little trub left at the bottom. This amazed me, as I've done a few AG stove toppers before, and my wort was always cloudy.

    My only advice would be to run through a complete cycle when your doing your1st clean, so you are sure about all the steps.

    As a new addition, the Grainfather website now has recipes that you copy and a recipe maker, which when coupled with the app allows you complete control. I use the apple app, so it works great, I've seen that the andriod app is not ready yet, but even so, the Grainfather is one fantastic piece of kit.

    I'll update once I've tasted my beers.
  • Rating
    Grainfather connect mash next weekend.
    Review by Thomason 23/02/2017
    Ordered Thursday morning and delivered Friday morning. Full marks BrewUK. New Grainfather design had connect box only. The old box wasn't included and wouldn't work with the new design which has only one 2,000 Watt element. Bluetooth is BLE so worked on iPad Air but not on Nexus. I was able to connect the outdoor tap counter flow connection to kitchen tap by removing aerator on tap by unscrewing and tap connecter screwed into tap. You need the wahers to get everything watertight. You have to be careful when unscrewing the recirculation pipe not to loosen the safety valve check its tight before you recirculate any hot liquid. I've cleaned with Grainfather cleaner and washed and dried everything ready for my fist mash next weekend. I completed a mash last week and do one every 14 days. Next one should be so much easier and safer.
  • Rating
    Good design - solid build
    Review by Simonon 18/01/2017
    The Grainfather is a well designed and solidly built piece of kit. It's been well thought out and produces very professional results. The lower plate of the grain basket is difficult to locate without displacing the silicon washer, but this is only a minor complaint and should improve with use. The new control box with Bluetooth access from the app makes programming (such as step mashes) much easier.
  • Rating
    I have done one brew and it seems to work well
    Review by Frankon 16/01/2017
    I have done one breww and it all seems to work well. Now need to reorganise my work shop to set the whole system up so that I can get a good flow to the process.
    Only slight issue is the new control box does not have a recess for the bottom bracket; it hangs on the 2 screws but does not fit on the stainless steel bottom bracket evenly. At the moment I have taken the bracket off but I am not sure the box should just hang from the screws
  • Rating
    Review by Trevoron 21/12/2016
    Just got a grain father after many years of brewing in home-made kit. It makes life a lot easier just set the temperatures and let it get on with it. Easy to clean. A higher OG than the old system.
  • Rating
    All grain brewing made easy
    Review by Richardon 19/12/2016
    What a great piece of equipment, have been brewing for years and finally went all grain a couple of years ago using the simple cool box option. Wanted to have more control over the mash stages and couldn't wish for a better bit of kit for the money. Did consider a 3 vessel system but kept coming back to the grainfather as it just ticked all the right boxes. So glad I took the plunge as it makes brew day so easy, and the efficiency levels I'm hitting are superb.
  • Rating
    Love it
    Review by Scotton 17/12/2016
    The grainfather is great. Good value and a good piece of kit.

    I have the old control panel and this is still great.

    Would recommend the grainfather to anyone
  • Rating
    Great piece of equipment!
    Review by Gregon 11/12/2016
    Grainfather made my brewing day so much easier and saved me hours of time. Counter flow chiller is very effective. So far so good.
  • Rating
    Review by MATTon 27/11/2016
    What can I say, this is a bargain and works perfectly, no BS bells or whistles, the quality of your beer is now down to you.
  • Rating
    Easy to use and well made by people who know the score when it comes to controlled home brewing.
    Review by The SAS Breweron 07/11/2016
    This is a very impressive piece of kit and you can tell that it has been designed by people who know how to brew and love doing it.

    Limited But Useful Comparisson

    Whilst my only previous experience of home brewing is years ago and then just using tins of concentrated wort and a plastic bucket, I do have some 34 years commercial brewing experience. I can't compare theGrainFather to other all-grain home brewing systems, but I can compare it to larger scale kit and it compares very well.


    The mashing liquor is heated in a controlled manner to the desired temperature in the main body of the GF. Temperature can overshoot a bit when on full power, but if you are there towards the end of heating, that is easy to prevent. An inner mashing basket accommodates the grist, which should be mashed-in using a sturdy paddle to avoid balling.

    Temperature Ramping

    Unlike many a commercial brewer, the GrainFather can use temperature programming during mashing. I have the older manually controlled version, so I have to set the temperature and watch the time, but I like doing that. You can mash in at whatever temperature you like and ramp up through as many stages as you want, for the time you want. This allows you to play all kinds of tunes with materials, brewhouse efficiencies and wort fermentability. The temperature control is easy and accurate.

    A lot of commercial guys only have single temperature mashing and no scope to correct if they go in too high or too low. With the GF, you can be cautious going in slightly lower than target and then tickling up once all in.


    During conversion, the worts are kept circulating using an integrated pump and pipe. The worts produced are very bright, which is another very good thing.

    Run-Off & Sparging

    To separate the wort from the spent grains, you lift up and lock in place the inner mashing basket that has a slotted false bottom. It is very neat. You do need a separate tank for your sparge liquor, so the GF is not quite all-in-one. I can let them off with this. There is a second slotted plate for the top of the mash that acts to spread the sparge and even the separation of the extract. Again, very neat.


    The boil is very vigorous but the GF folk recommend scraping the base a few times on raise to and during the boil. Greater than 10% per hour evaporation at normal altitude is easy to achieve, which is more than adequate for most recipes.

    Hop Spider as a Hopback

    There is an optional extra that can be useful for highly hopped beers and to help keeping trub away from the outlet pipe when filling the FV. The hop spider acts like a hopback and means you can filter the wort through a bed of hops, which earns the GF more neatness points.

    You can manage without the spider. The advise is to stir post boil to create a whirlpool that will aid in forming compact and centralised trub settling.


    The GF comes with a little counter flow wort cooler. Cold water cools down hot wort to fermentation temperature and you can cool the hot brew directly into your fermenter in about 20 minutes. Very cool, pun intended! A useful amount of hot water is produced during this process and this can be used later for cleaning the GF.


    The kit is easy to use and produces very good beer. The instructions are easy to understand and very useful. There is a website and apps that compliment these instructions and these includes recipes. The GF is well made and takes up very little space. It is easy to clean and it comes highly recommended by this Brewer.
  • Rating
    The easy way to make the move to All Grain
    Review by Martinon 08/10/2016
    So much easier and convenient than the pans, bags and ice sink I used to use. The android app is also easy to use, works really well with the system and is great for storing recipes. The contraflow cooler gets the wort down to pitching temp very quickly. The pump circulation during mash makes for a clear wort and helps achieve great efficiency (my first kit was the Crafty Brews Landlord and I achieved 1.048 SG from a target of 1.042) i.e. 75%. So glad I went straight for this system rather than building my own kit first as I would have got a Grandfather eventually anyway. Just do it!
  • Rating
    Second review
    Review by Tonyon 13/09/2016
    Thought I'd do an update review after ten brews.

    Do I still like it? Most definitely. The brews we've had have been awesome. But..............

    There is one thing I hate about it.

    The cooler.

    It works, that's for sure. For what it is designed to do there is nothing better. But, the one thing that really hacks me off is its retention of water after cleaning. Following the last brew, and a clean out/drain out, when it came to the next brew there was close to a litre of water retained within the coil. Not only did it go b***dy everywhere when I moved it; I really don't think this is great when it comes to sterilisation and how long the copper will last if it is continually subjected to stagnant water. If you don't brew often then I'd seriously consider not bothering with the cooling coil - we're not from now on and we brew twice a month.

    For brewing beer the GF is brilliant; for having to deal with it afterwards and the cleaning, it is a pain in the a**e.
  • Rating
    Fantastic piece of kit!
    Review by Matton 09/09/2016
    The Grainfather is truly amazing. I've been all grain brewing for a while now, but when I moved house I wanted to upgrade from my 1 gallon BIAB setup to something bigger. I settled on the Grainfather and couldn't be happier. It's a great bit of kit. Very easy to use and making great beer so far!
  • Rating
    Review by Garyon 30/08/2016
    I've only done 2 brews in this, and they are my first all grain brews. Decided to move up from kits and start doing my own stuff, but to be honest found the various lists of equipment required a bit daunting.
    Yes, you could buy lots of stuff and get it a bit cheaper than this, but this takes up less space (which is wife friendly for me!) and lets me brew in our utility room with just access to a tap and a plug required.
    Easy to use, and the app for your phone does all the water calculations and timings/alarms on brew day. My first brew took me over 6.5 hours including cleaning etc, but the second one was down to an even 5 and I think I could probably get it done a bit quicker when I'm really used to the kit.
    Everything seems great quality and works as expected. Very happy with my GrainFather, and I would definitely recommend it if you either haven't gone all grain yet and want to, or need to slim down the equipment to something more manageable!
  • Rating
    Review by Luffyon 16/08/2016
    I have had the GF for a while now - 5 brews in and it is an amazing piece of kit! What I love is you can make your own brew to your own tastes!

    Highly recommended!!
  • Rating
    Forget brewing with kits, buy this kit and brew all grain just as easy
    Review by Tonyon 14/08/2016
    Had the GF a while now, wanted to get a few brews done to really have an idea if it performed or not...it performs and some ;-)
    All grain brewing as easy as making a kit brew, yes it takes longer to do but the rewards with better beer are there fro the first beer you make.
    Had minor issues with the chiller connections coming lose, now sorted though, everything works as it should, easy to clean, easy to set up...easy to brew good beer!
  • Rating
    What a joyful piece of kit
    Review by Martinon 11/08/2016
    Up until purchasing the Grainfather my brewing consisted of a rather Heath Robinson set of procedures where one slip could have resulted in me getting covered in very, very hot wort.

    The Grainfather has changed all of that and makes the brewing process far more manageable and consistent.. The recirculating mash process essentially means that whereas before I would be lucky if I got a 65% efficiency, now I calculate that I get just shy of 80%.

    I would advise anyone that wants to take up brewing to cut their teeth using basic equipment and then when proficient to buy one of these little beauties.
  • Rating
    Review by Paulon 21/07/2016
    I purchased the Grainfather from you and I must say this is a great bit of kit . I'm totally new to home brew but having searched the subject on you tube and watched many clips regarding all grain brewing , fermenting etc I thought yes I want to have a go and brew my own beer . Well I wasn't without problems being a novice , A complete novice at that . But I set to brewing Camptain haddock double IPA ( fg 7.7 % abv ) well it finished at 7.8 mind blowing % and it looks and tastes great . Nice and clear carbonised in a keg . If I can brew anyone can . The grainfather is a great professional product for experienced or newcomers. Thank you . Paul ( Sheffield )
  • Rating
    Well designed AG brewing system
    Review by Davidon 30/06/2016
    Bought this to start all grain brewing. Got my first brew on the go a few weeks ago and seems like a great investment. Well made, well designed, brew day went perfectly to plan. Ok it's more expensive than a picnic cooler and boiler set up but if you don't mind paying that bit extra you get this lovely piece of kit which does the whole lot. Easier to control the temperature, no need to transfer the wort between different vessels. The cooler works efficiently too. Already looking forward to my next brew day!
  • Rating
    Good Product
    Review by Matt on 20/05/2016
    Reproducible and easy to use. The downsides are not a more intelligent timer system and the little filter thing at the bottom is a pain to clean. Other than that I have nothing bad to say about it.
  • Rating
    dont book a holiday this year , save your money, stay at home and brew beer
    Review by homeboy brewerson 19/05/2016
    it's easy to quantify the increase in price to the improvement in taste moving from 1 can and sugar to all malt kits and then on to stove top boil in a bag brewing, but i won't lie to you, costwise this is a pretty big step up and may take a few years to pay for itself, but is it worth it .........in a word yes, here's why.
    for the same price as a half decent set of golf clubs(why would you?) you'll have this compact, multi function,easily workable, time saving brewing system.
    depending on your mash/boiling settings and clean up you'll have your kitchen back to normal in 5-6hours.
    homebrewing purists may scream "it's to late in the year", but i just brewed a german pilsner last month and the wort came out and went into the fermenter crystal clear - try getting that from a can.
    i you can afford it , buy it.
  • Rating
    Great product!
    Review by J Don 16/05/2016
    Bought this a month ago and have already made two batches. My efficiency went from low 70% to mid-80's immediately.

    Only problem is that grist gets left over and sifts through the mesh panels in the mash basket, making its way into the wort when it boils and eventually the fermenter. Easily fixed by putting a nylon filter bag around the end of the recirculation arm. Another small glitch is grain crush size. The crush size from pre-crushed grain is a little too fine which can lead to stoppages. Not a problem at all if you have your own grain mill, though.
  • Rating
    Review by Deanon 01/04/2016
    I have been brewing for about 8 years now and started brewing all grain in 2012. I only wish this was available then! The grainfather is simply fantastic! A friend who wanted to start AG asked for an equipment list from me a few months ago and this was the very first item on the list (despite not owning one at the time). I watched him and his brewing partner use the grainfather for an IPA brew and was blown away by the ease and speed that these guys could produce quality beers from AG with the help of this amazing system!

    I ordered my grainfather the very next day. 2 brews in I am delighted with the quality and build of this equipment (my original setup will most likely be sold off now) and the beer I am making is so much better than my previous brews! If you are looking for more consistent brew batches then this is the kit for you! It is made even easier with the grainfather app and the control unit is so simple I wonder why I didn't buy this sooner. Totally worth the price!
  • Rating
    Review by jayon 28/03/2016
    Having purchased the GF a few weeks back i have only managed one brew, but i am more than happy with it! coming from a BIAB system this wins hands down.
    If your thinking about getting one, think no more. I used to 'no chill' with my BIAB set up so had never used a wort chiller let alone a counter flow chiller. It took the brew from boiling to 19c in about 15 minutes with no hassle at all!
    I have done a full written review on my blog here;

  • Rating
    No going back
    Review by Tonyon 20/03/2016
    Great bit of kit, and well worth the wait for brewuk to get more in stock.

    Though the brew may physically take longer each time due to the cleaning process afterwards, this is balanced out by the quick cooling off of the wort for transfer to the "bucket" for adding yeast.

    Very happy we made the upgrade
  • Rating
    One happy brewer
    Review by Christopheron 10/03/2016
    Ordered one of these a couple of weeks ago with the TT Landlord clone kit. Finished the first run yesterday and it went swimmingly. This is an upgrade from my BIAB set up and the pump and chiller are the best parts of this unit. after a bit of valve adjustment the counter flow chiller got the wort out at 18c and immediately pitched the yeast. Morning after and the fermentation is bubbling away. On account of the pump and filter i have the clearest wort I've ever made. Highly recommend this and the clone kit.
  • Rating
    So easy!
    Review by Rogeron 08/03/2016
    First brew done with the Grainfather completed - so straight forward! After my previous DIY 3 pot setup plus 2 pumps plus yards of hoses plus complicated opening/closing valves, this was a complete doddle! My brew day, including easy cleanup, was much shorter. Hit my targets and never seen such clear wort as that going into the boiler! Can't wait for the next brew.
    Thoroughly recommended.
  • Rating
    clean & easy brew days
    Review by scotton 02/03/2016
    arrived last week, went together well (some small parts not packed where you thought they would be, but they were in the box) used it on 2 brews so far, both 60min mash and 60min boil. both took 4.5hrs from plugging it in to packing it away all clean. if the beer isnt any good it will only be my fault.
  • Rating
    Great piece of kit.
    Review by Tonyon 26/02/2016
    After thinking of going over to all grain from extract, with the occasional attempt at BIAB on the way, we finally took the plunge with the Grainfather just before Christmas. We did our first all grain brew( Tribute pack from Brewuk). The whole system was easy to use & clean. The resulting beer was far superior than any of the previous 75 brews from kits, extract & BIAB we had done before. The beer poured all the way to the remaining sediment left in the bottom of bottles. All in all a great system, can't wait to taste the next four brews currently in conditioning.
  • Rating
    Superb equipment!
    Review by Alastairon 22/02/2016
    Just used my Grainfather for the first time, and what a difference! So easy to use, great efficiency, and really simple to clean. Would recommend to anyone. Their website is a mine of information too!
  • Rating
    Better than slices bread !
    Review by Paulon 17/02/2016
    This thing is simply amazing. Like most I thought long and hard before spending £595 (£50 less than most suppliers) but boy am I glad. My wife is also happy the smaller brewing footprint being the reason here. For me the simplicity of the brew day is the winner. It really is simple I have done three brews in 5 days since getting mine with minimal fuss. I've not had any of the filter clogging issues that you read so much about and I've used 200g of hops in one brew. The clarity of the wort produced is amazing never had it so clear. The chiller is amazing I was getting wort at 8C coming out before fine tuning to 22C. I am so happy I usually brew every two weeks but this thing makes me want to brew all the time. Clean up is a breeze meaning the whole brew day from start to finish can be completed in around 5 hours. If you are looking then stop and buy one just make sure you have a long paddle and some GF cleaner in your basket as well.
  • Rating
    I shouldn't have waited so long!
    Review by Jonon 15/02/2016
    Spent a few years kidding myself that extract brewing was good enough and couldn't be bothered with the extra effort. Finally succumbed over Christmas and very pleased I did. 3 brews now and really easy to use which is just as well as it turns out there are many other things to learn about with AG!
    Build quality is good. Everything fits together well and works. I use whole hops and no problem with the pump clogging. The hops act as a filter rather than a block. counter-flow chiller is just great as you don't have to cool the whole batch before starting to transfer.
    It can do smaller batches (10L is smallest I've done) which is just as well as drinking the stuff could become a problem very quickly!
    Grainfather site has useful calculators, which tell me my efficiency is just over 90%.
  • Rating
    Lives up to the Hype
    Review by forhopssakeon 07/02/2016
    I started of brewing all grain doing BIAB before moving up to a 3 vessel system. Due to a long term illness effecting my mobility I had not been able to brew for over a year until I bought a Grainfather. Having a single vessel that stands on the floor with a minimum of lifting has enabled me to get back into brewing and I couldn't be happier. I've only done 2 brews so far and yet to dial in my efficiency (have under-estimated) but in both cases I have been setup and packed away in under 5 hours and the resulting beers have turned out great. Highly recommended.
  • Rating
    Fantastic Product
    Review by Richardon 27/01/2016
    I bought this instead of going for the option of making a mash tun out of a picnic hamper etc.
    I've not looked back.
    It has allowed me to have control over my brewing process and concentrate my thoughts on the other important areas of brewing - pH levels, water, recipes etc...

    If you can afford it, then make the purchase!
  • Rating
    Review by peteron 27/09/2015
    This us a great bit of kit very happy customer
  • Rating
    Fantastic piece of kit
    Review by Alexon 21/09/2015
    Mine was delivered last week and have had my first brew on it today - an extremely well made unit, very easy to use (and assemble) and gives you so much control over what is going on.

    Highly recommended.
  • Rating
    Superb piece of kit, well worth the investment
    Review by Matthewon 10/08/2015
    I'd been all-grain brewing for just over a year and the Grainfather had been on my radar the whole time.

    The first thing you realise is how easy and accurate it makes the mashing process. The assembled is simple (about the same level as a piece of IKEA furniture) and giving it a pre-clean familiarises you with the running of it. It helps if you watch their online tutorial first.

    Its mashing/sparking process closely mimics that of a microbrewery, continually circulating the wort through the grains and maintaining a precise temperature, so the quality of my finished wort was outstanding - clearer than anything I'd managed before, with excellent sugar conversion/extraction.

    Cleaning the machine is relatively simple - just repeat the mashing process with cleaning solution.

    The Grainfather is a must-have. If you have the money, I wouldn't hesitate to get one.
  • Rating
    Grainfather brewing system
    Review by Gazwaton 03/08/2015
    Love this bit of kit.
    I'd been angst-ing about moving to AG for donkeys, and this gadget was the right price for me. Half the price of the Braumeister, admittedly different functions, but essentially this has got me AG brewing and at a cost I can live with versus building my own three vessel system.
    Very very pleased!
  • Rating
    Fantastic if you're short on space
    Review by Brew Brother Daveon 28/07/2015
    For those with limited space, this is a brilliant piece of kit. Although it's a fairly simple, having a separated mash basket and recirculation pump are an incredible help. No more stuck sparges, and multi-stage mashes are a doddle.

    The only real problem is given the speed of the pump, I found that pellet hops tend to clog everything (filter, ball valve and check valve especially). Will definitely be using a hop bag in the future.

    I'm having so much fun with it, I decided to record my triumphs and failures on a blog:

  • Rating
    Grainfather - First time use
    Review by Kevinon 20/07/2015
    Enjoyed using the Grainfather for the first time.

    Simple to clean, easy to use, looking forward to tasting the result
  • Rating
    Great piece of kit
    Review by D4nny74on 14/07/2015
    Ordered on the Wednesday and received on the Thursday morning , brewing Thursday afternoon, can’t ask for a better service, plus,cheaper than anywhere else.Very happy.

  • Rating
    Top piece of kit
    Review by Colinon 07/07/2015
    Having been BIAB brewing for a few years I had been planning a slightly more sophisticated rig involving a modified tea urn with a pump for recirculating the wort...then Grainfather came out. Essentially exactly what I'd planned in theory but much neater and better designed than I could have achieved myself.

    Have only done one brew on it so far but I have to say I'm really impressed. Build quality is good, there are some really nice design features, the pump is quiet, temperature control is good, heating time is quick. One or two minor niggles (when you unscrew the recirculation pipe the column of wort above the junction leaks out - but this can be resolved by sealing the other end of the pipe as you do it) and in future versions an external liquid level gauge and handles for carrying the whole unit would help. But overall really well designed and built.

    Brewing process itself is simple and accurate I used the GF profile for Beersmith found at


    and the calculations were spot on - much more accurate than I've been before. Can't vouch for the beer yet as it's still fermenting but if it's rubbish it won't be the fault of the kit... Cleaning up is a bit more of a chore than it is with just a pot and a grain bag but the control and accuracy are well worth it. Overall a really lovely piece of kit.
  • Rating
    atención al cliente de 10
    Review by Azucenaon 06/07/2015
    La máquina está muy bien y es muy completa, pero lo mejor es la atención al cliente, que para mi es lo más importante. Si no fuera por los gastos de envío lo compraría todo en rsta página.

    The machine is very good and very complete, but the best is the customer service, which is the most important thing for me. If it were not for the shipping would buy everything in this web site.
  • Rating
    Great product
    Review by acmpon 13/05/2015
    I've was waiting for this to be delivered from NZ, and they upgraded the units before shipping :). The makers seem very interested in feedback and are interested in trying to help with any problems.

    My first brew was a roaring success, the mash went well and maintained a good temperature. I ended up with a very clear wort. Sparging was also easy, just lifted the grain basket and ran my spare water through, while the main wort heated to boiling. The 2kw element maintained a good boil. The CF chiller was easy to use, connected to my kitchen tap better than anything else I've tried. Cooled 23l in about 20 minutes easily.

    I'd recommend a grainfather in an instant, and I'm looking forward to my next brew day
  • Rating
    Value for money
    Review by Derekon 02/05/2015
    This product is very good value for money a few sharp edges nothing that a few minutes with some emery cloth could fix one down side is the silly bottle top that is used on the overflow pipe to stop grain entering spargeing is good overall it makes brewing easier in a small kitchen no steam
  • Rating
    Just finished my 6th brew using the Grainfarther, and here is what I now know
    Review by Braton 30/04/2015
    For years I have been wanting to move from extract to all grain but couldn’t justify all of the extra equipment needed and didn’t know where I was going to store it all, then along came the Grainfarther. Small, compact and affordable it ticked all the boxes and tucks away nicely in a cupboard.

    Build quality is ok no real issues there, and if you have been reading the forums there are the odd few niggles about the recirculation pipe or a blocked filter.

    The recirculation pipe is the one area I am looking to modifying sooner rather than later as towards the end of the brew the connector threads expand due to the heat and I have had a few occasions where I couldn’t unscrew and disconnect the connector until it had cooled down.
    A new gate valve with a push quick disconnect would solve this, (hopefully Greg might be able to put together a conversion kit?).

    My biggest mistake so far has been with the recirculation. The pump works too well and you can quickly end up with all of the liquid above the grain and overheat the main kettle area. The remedy for this was to simply throttle the flow using the small valve on the recirculation pipe to a small trickle which works perfectly.

    The silicone gasket around the grain bed filter is a tight fit, so you will need to ensure it is wet when pushing it into the grain basket otherwise it will just roll off.
    The instructions say push it down to the grain bed but I have found it is better to leave it a good 4 inch above the grain bed to allow for the swelling grains.

    The cooler works really well and normally takes between 10-15 mins to do its job. I have found that the leaf hops do blanket the temp gauge as they are drawn towards the pump during cooling and retain a lot of heat, so when the temperature reading is around 50 deg the actual temperature of the flowing wort will be around 13 deg and ready to transfer.

    On average each brew has produced 40 x 500ml bottles, efficiency has been around 76% and best of all for the first time in my brewing history I no longer have beer which has that ‘home brew taste’!

    Cleaning takes the best part of an hour, and I have found that each brew day has lasted around 7 hours from start to finish.

    Do expect to spend an additional £200+ on extras which are needed for the all grain process such as a PH meter, Refractometer, Iodine test, Stainless mash paddle ect…

    I would recommend the Grainfarther to anyone looking for a cost effective way into all grain brewing and it’s perfect for the average sized kitchen.
  • Rating
    Very good piece of equipment and good value for money
    Review by Chrison 27/04/2015
    I have now done 3 brews using the Grandfather after 21 brews using standard all grain equipment. The grandfather is probably similar in price to the combined price of the standard two piece Mash tun from cooler & rotating sparge arm, Brupaks plastic boiler with chiller set up I had before. Made of stainless steel to high quality it is very easy to use and takes less time and enables such prodigious brewing efficiency (81%) that i have had to reduce the Grain bill for some recipes to achieve the desired ABV. The coil counter flow cooler is very efficient indeed and on the last brew I had to turn off the water flow repeatedly to prevent the wort being too cold for the yeast! A hop rocket can be plumbed into the cooling setup quite easily, though I am still working out a way to minimise the loses from the extra dead space, although the efficiency makes one less neurotic about such lthings! Grain bills of up to 9KG and as low as 3.5 can be coped with.

    The manufacturers/designers have made very good videos on how to use it and clean it (0n YouTube) which are worth looking at, though the instructions are adequate.

    I can throughly recommend this piece of equipment (if the beer produced is rubbish it will probably be my fault now!), very well designed and very well built by the Kiwis.
  • Rating
    Very Impressive.
    Review by Mechon 11/04/2015
    Great piece of shiny kit, I've been All Grain brewing for two years now and the Grainfather really takes all the hard work out of the process. The controller is a breeze and comes to temp very quickly. The build quality on mine was excellent and I didn't have a single problem. Really impressed and would highly recommend.
  • Rating
    Making all grain easy
    Review by Michaelon 09/04/2015
    Ive finished my first Grainfather brew and whilst there were a few teething problems I'm impressed by how easy it made the whole process. The build quality is very good.