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This recipe has come from the Grain Brewery located in the Waveney Valley of South Norfolk. Established in the Summer of 2006, driven by a love of great beers, a distaste for big business, a desire for a fresh start and an unhealthy dose of insanity.

Operating from an idyllic farm location, the brewery has gone from strength to strength, winning a bronze award at CAMRA Great British Beer Festival last year and opening their own pub, the Plough in April this year.


There is an interesting history to this recipe, in fact its not been brewed for nearly 400 years and local historian John Ridgard has been researching the origins of this famous brew. The recipe has been created from notes and household accounts dating back to 1539 which describe the purchase of ingredients as

For gryndyng of wheat and malt 10d.
For hops,  3d.
For spices, 3d. halfpenny.
For the price of a bushel of barley (malt) and half a bushel of oat malt, 11d.

Looking at other notes and reciepts from the time the final recipe has be converted to modern all grain techniques as:

To create 9 gallons of ale (1 firkin).
7.5kg malted barley
3.75kg malted oat
Water 10.5 gallons

1 hour
1.5 oz fuggles/goldings hops (c 3.5-4% alpha acid)
1/4 oz each of ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves 10 minutes before end of boil

Ideally wild yeast, or low flavour yeast (eg. Fermentis SO4 Ale Yeast).

O.G. 1048.8
P.G. 1010

The recipe can be scaled down for shorter brew lengths as required.

Phil Halls from Grain Brewery would be very keen to recreate this brew on a large scale and serve in their pub, The Plough and would be very grateful of any samples sent to him so he can see if the beer is worthy of large scale production. Please send samples to the brewery direct. They also welcome visitors so pop one in if you are in the area and I'm sure they would love to have a chat and show you around the brewery but please give them a call first.

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