Recipes - Frank As Apollo

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In September 2011 Thornbridge Brewery, Nicholson's Pubs and BrewUK launched a quest to find the best home brewed beer in the UK.

Over 120 entries were submitted for the competition and after judging by some of the UK's leading beer experts, Paul Carruthers' "Frank As Apollo" 4.6% Premium Bitter was judged a worthy winner for brewing at Thornbridge and being available nationally through Nicholson's pubs.

To Celebrate the launch of the 2012 Home Brew Challenge here is the winning recipe so get your brewing brains inspired.

To make 23 Litres.

O.G. 1045
P.G. 1009
ABV 4.6%

3.772kg Maris Otter Pale Malt

467g Munich Malt

238g Cara Munich Malt
(assumes 75% effeciency)
Start of boil 72g Celeia Hops (45.1 IBU)
End of boil 47g Apollo Hops

Dry hop for 1 week with 50 g of Apollo hops after primary fermentation.
Mash temp 65C 60mins
Sparge temp 74C
Boil 70 minutes as vigorously as possible
Irish Moss or Protafloc in last 15 mins
Fermentation and conditioning:
Yeast = Wyeast 1056, White Labs WLP001 or US-05

Get all the ingredients in our recipe pack - Here

Also available in a extract version of the recipe pack - Here

Fermentation temp 19oC
Should ferment in 7 days
Condition for 7 days at 12oC
Fine and serve 12oC