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A Proper Hello

Postby anyrandomnamewilldo » Fri May 04, 2018 7:35 pm

Hi Everybody,

First thank you to PhilB and onsecondglance who have already welcomed me to the forum in the now locked topic! I meant to thank earlier but I have been busy.

As mentioned I have been a home brewer for ten years as at boxing day 2017. The first few years was making up kits as per the instructions more as a supplement to bought beers. Then out of the blue I decided to make more of the hobby. I still stuck with kits but managed to greatly improve quality and increase the quantity brewed by researching everything I do and learning the difference between "how" and "why".

I then eventually moved on to extract then into maxi biab for a couple of brews.

Recently, I have bought an all in one system (not a grainfather) but I do like it, having conducted some extensive "due diligence" prior to purchase.

I am still liable to make up kits though as I now get these for christmas, fathers day, birthdays etc.

I live in Leeds, Yorkshire now but I am originally from the Brighton area.

Anyway thanks for welcoming me to the forum and I hope to be an active member from now on having lurked in the background for a very long time now.

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Re: A Proper Hello

Postby PhilB » Sun May 06, 2018 9:40 am

Hi ARNWD (sorry, that name's too long to type ;) ), looking forward to you getting more involved ;) :cheers:
anyrandomnamewilldo wrote:Recently, I have bought an all in one system (not a grainfather)
... I (for one) would be interested in hearing which one you plumped for (without you linking to wherever you got it from, if not BrewUK, for obvious reasons ;) ) :?:

Cheers, PhilB
The answer is probably ... RDWHAHB ... Relax, Don't Worry, Have A Home-Brew ;) :cheers:
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Re: A Proper Hello

Postby anyrandomnamewilldo » Fri May 11, 2018 8:23 pm

Hi PhilB,

About that name. Historically I never tend to get replies to my posts, so when regeristing I considered a couple of "street names" then thought to myself "it dosen't matter - any random name will do". Hence the username. I did not forsee the problem ahead. ARNWD will have to do. (I am going to have to learn smilies as well.)

Now the big question. After a lot or reading, emailing and thinking I decided upon the Bulldog Master Brewer. Why? I can't provide a simple answer. The order included the brewer system, spare water heater, grain, hops and some ancillary's items of stock that was running low. Total spend exceed the cost of a Grainfather, so it was not simply cost that influenced my decision. I expect everyone must consider my decision insane but as I said above, I do like it.

Thanks again for the warm welcome.
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