Should I filter my wine?

Jun 26, 2018 11:36:13 AM Published in Wine Kits 653 Views.
  • Whether or not to filter has been debated by winemakers as long as there have been filters. Some winemakers feel the only way to make wine is the 'natural way', letting the wine clear on its own, even if it does take a year or so. Other winemakers filter their wines to clear them so that they can bottle much quicker, thereby reducing the chance of problems.
  • Why filter wine if it will clear on its own? A clear wine is more appealing, the color is brighter. Filtering may make a wine drinkable sooner. A sterile or fine wine filter will remove most yeasts that may cause sediment and possibly refermentation. The disadvantage of filtering is the possible reduction of color and tannins, and possible oxidation.
  • There are several types of filters available, ranging from an inexpensive gravity feed Vinbrite Filter, to fully closed pressurized multiple plate filter systems, like the Buon Vino Mini Jet. These systems are similar to larger systems used by high volume wineries. A big disadvantage of gravity feed is the introduction of oxygen and bacteria. The Buon Vino models eliminate oxygen contact.