My starting gravity seems lower than expected?

Jun 26, 2018 11:36:13 AM Published in Beer Kits 935 Views.

Okay, there are 3 things which are the likely cause.

1. Adding too much water. If you have added the correct amount of water then this will not be the problem.

2. Not stiring after adding all the water. This will leave all the sugars at the bottom of the fermenter which will cause the gravity to be low at the top.

3. Measuring the gravity when the pre fermented wort is too cool. Hydrometers are calibrated at a set temp, usually 20c so if you measure the gravity and the wort is cooler or hotter than this then this will effect the result as liquids become less dense at warmer temperatures.

Its more than likely that one of these is the cause. If you still have issues after checking the above then please give contact us.