Do I need anything else to make the beer kits?

Jun 26, 2018 11:36:13 AM Published in Beer Kits 885 Views.


All beer kits will require basic home brewing equipment.

You will the following:

Fermentation bucket + lid (at least 25 litre)

Syphon - for moving the beer off sediment into bottles/barrel

Hydrometer - for checking the gravity/alcohol contect

Steriliser - for sterlising all equipment

Spoon/paddle - for mixing the kits

Our starter kit here contains all of the above.

You will also need a barrel or bottles for storing the beer after its finished fermenting. Why not check out our range of complete starter kits.

Extra sugar may be required dependant on the kit. In general the cheaper single can kits require 1 kg of brewing sugar and the more expensive boxed kits don't require additional brewing sugar. Malt extract (spraymalt) can be used instead of sugar at the same rate and will give the beer more body and a rounder mouth feel.

All kits will require a small amount of priming sugar (around 80-120g) for priming the bottles/barrel, which will give the beer a slight carbonation but any sugar can be used for this.

All kits come complete with yeast.