Cheese/Yoghurt Making

Cheese/Yoghurt Making - FAQs

  1. How do I start making cheese?

    We always encourage people to start with a small investment and proceed from there. For this we have developed several kits for the home cheese maker. Our Mozzarella/Ricotta kit  is the absolutely easiest way to start because the cheeses are all soft, requiring no aging. .

    The popular Basic Hard Cheese Kit is a good way to start if you would like to begin making hard cheeses. (You will need to order coatings for the aged cheeses) This kit contains a mold for forming the cheese. All you need to do is find a jar lid or plate that fits inside and a little weight to place on top. (We do not recommend that beginners buy a press until they have made a few batches this way.)


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  2. How is home cheese making different from commercial?

    Home cheese making differs from commercial cheese making in scale and in the need to produce exact duplicate products day after day for retail markets. Commercial cheese makers employ the same raw ingredients as home cheese makers, but their knowledge and experience is much higher.  If you wish to sell your cheese, we suggest you start by making simple cheeses, do as much reading as you can and visit cheese makers in your area.

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  3. will cheese making attract unwanted mice?

    If you leave any food out then it could attract unwanted rodents.

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