7. Can I re use old bottles?

Jun 26, 2018 11:36:13 AM Published in General 577 Views.

Yes old bottles can be used for beer or wine, just ensure that they are cleaned and sterilised before use. Only use bottles that have previously stored fizzy liquid for any fizzy drinks as they will be able to withstand the pressure without exploding. You can use old coke bottles to store beer if you wish although they are not really suited to long term storage. You also need to be careful if using clear bottles as the sunlight will damage the beer or wine, this is why most bottles are green of brown to protect the drink, although white wine is uneffected by light. We favour glass bottles as they last well and look more professional but its personal choice.  See Barrel or Bottle section for more information

Tip - Rinse your bottles after drinking the beer to clear the sediment before its dries hard. This makes cleaning a lot easier later on.