1. What Equipment do I need?

Jun 26, 2018 11:36:13 AM Published in General 547 Views.

The basic equipment needed for brewing 40 pints beer from a kit is:

* 25 Litre Fermenting bin  + Lid - this is to initially ferment the beer before you bottle or Keg

* Syphon - This is used to Syphon the beer (also known as racking) from one vessel to another, ie from the fermenting bin to keg. See Barrel or Bottle section for more info.

* Hydrometer - This is used to measure the density of the beer before, during and after fermentation so the amount of sugar that is present can be measured and therefore how much alcohol has been produced. See Measuring strength for more detail.

* Paddle - used to stir the liquid when adding the yeast.

* Sterliser - used to ensure all equipment is free from bacteria which may spoil your brew.

* Bottles or Barrels- see this section for more info.

* You will need additional equipment for brewing recipes, including a large pan and strainer. Further equipment is needed for full mash brewing. See Need to Know - Brewing Beer

For Wine:

* 2 x 25 Litre Fermenters & Lids (or 2 x 5 litre) for 6 bottles

* Syphon - as above

* 2 x airlocks - to provide an escape for CO2 but to prevent air getting in 

* Thermometer - to measure the temperture

* Hydrometer & Testing Jar - for measuring the alcohol strength - see measuring strength

* Corking Machine - To put corks into bottles

* Corks - to seal bottles

* Shrinks - seal over bottles   

* Steriliser - to ensure all equipment if free from bacteria - see sanitation section.