Blichmann Engineering

Blichmann Engineering is a design and manufacturing firm producing high-end products through home beer and wine retailers. They offer only truly innovative products with over-the-top quality for brewers who expect the same in their beers and wines. John Blichmann, President and Founder of Blichmann Engineering, has over 15 years of extensive product design (both mass production and custom), testing, manufacturing, service, sales, marketing, and management, all while working at Caterpillar in a variety of positions and locations. Avid brewer since 1991 and BJCP judge, brewing is his serious hobby, but designing brewing and winemaking equipment is his true passion. Since 2001 they have a solid focus on top-notch quality, top-notch customer service, and superior product value. We hold a varied stock of Blichmann products although only limited qty of some of the larger more expensive items which are available for special order. Usually around 3 - 4 week lead time.
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