Cornelius Keg Starter Sets

Cornelius Kegs (or Cornies) are often described as the ultimate home brewers keg. Ideally suited for serving beer as they are easy to clean, able to withstand high pressures and portable. They are particularly suitable for serving lagers as they can be carbonated to a much higher pressure than standard plastic kegs and therefore can serve properly carbonated lagers. They work by co2 being injected into the IN valve which feeds through a short dip tube onto the top of the beer. This forces the liquid up a longer dip tubes which feeds from the bottom of the keg and out through the Out valve. A quick disconnent fitting fits onto the valve and opens it when fitted which enables Co2 to be injected and beer to be served. Although there are several options for adding the CO2, by far the best and most economical in the long run, is to use a large CO2 bottle with a Regulator.

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