Speidel Braumeister 20L - NEW 2015 Version + £100 OF POINTS ON YOUR ACCOUNT

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Speidel Braumeister 20L - NEW 2015 Version + £100 OF POINTS ON YOUR ACCOUNT


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The original one vessel professional brewing system from Speidel - Germany.

Brand new up to date version. In stock now.
What's sets the Braumeister apart from is cheaper rivals and makes them simply the best choice?

- Manufactured in Germany. Solid construction, robust and built to last by Speidel, a company with over 100 years experience in producing stainless steel vessels for the professional brewing and wine making industry.
- Gentle, upward recirculating mash. Good efficiency so no need for a separate sparge, saving time and meaning no need for a separate sparge water heater. Just setup the mash program and leave. When you come back the mash and sparge will be complete meaning all you have to do is lift the grain basket out and leave to drain before starting the boil program.
- Used and trusted by professional brewers around the world.
- 10 years of production gives the braumeister a unrivalled brewing pedigree. Very seldom are these seen for sale second hand and when they are it's usually because the user has decided to get a bigger one!
- Full after sales brewing support from BrewUK (who own their own 15 BBL production brewery, Dark Revolution)
- Available in sizes to meet most batch requirements, 10L, 20L, 50L, 200L and 500L versions.

All units are very well packaged and sent fully insured. In the unlikely event that the item is damaged in transit we will fix any issues straight away.

Features include:
- memory function for 10 different recipes
- TFT screen which will allow for the user to see the full recipe and easily edit it.
- Ball Valve tap with 1/2" Barb.

Techinical Specifications:
Braumeister 20 litres
Material: Stainless steel
Weight: 15 kg including the inserts and lifting bows
20 kg shipping weight in the cardboard box
Heating spiral: 2000 Watt heating capacity
Pump:23 Watt Power connection: 230V~ (protection at least 10 amp)
Brewing quantity 20 l Finished beer (normal beer) =approx. 25 l of beer wort
Height:600 mm Diameter:400 mm Cardboard box: 740 x 600 x 610 mm
NEW - Control System: Fully automatic brewing control (temperature, time, pump) Quantity of malt: Max. quantity of malt 6 kg

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Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Good unit
    Review by Gileson 30/08/2018
    There's only one way to judge a product like this and that's by the output and how easy it is to achieve it. In use it is straight forward to use, I would recommend the wifi module as it also allows you to update the firmware. There's been a few nice changes since I bought mine (including a reminder to remove the lid when the boil is nearly reaching 100 degrees).

    All the beer I've done has been drinkable and some of it has had some good compliments.

    Cleaning is pretty much what you would expect, cleaning mesh plates and all the components. The only thing I wish it had is a better cooling system, they seem to have had a go with the Brewmeister plus, but I would prefer a counterflow chiller.
  • Rating
    Well Made Product
    Review by Anthonyon 03/08/2016
    Two brews to date. Despite forgetting to put the second fine sieve in resulting in me having to stop and start again, washing out all the grains overflowing into the vessel, the final result was great tasting beer. I even learned how to clean the rotor ball and impeller which was quite easy.

    The second brew went well although I forgot to replace the evaporated water after the long boil. However the resulting ale of 8.1% ABV was a delight!

    I found the programming a bit difficult and it took me overnight to work out how to progress from the finished mash cycle to start boil. Its well worth buying the thermocollar to prevent burning yourself and I find the stainless steel hood excellent for venting steam directly out of my kitchen window. This means I can brew in the kitchen even when its raining outside. Overall a well engineered product.
  • Rating
    Review by Andrewon 04/07/2016
    A life changer.
  • Rating
    20 Litre
    Review by Nigelon 18/06/2016
    Superb piece of equipment,high build quality compared to my Grainfather,but then it is double the price,very impressed, also purchased the thermocollar,short malt pipe,stainless hood,wireless module and the wort chiller (freebie special offer on initial purchase) .Now probably wish i had bought the 50 Litre version to be honest as i bought a new 50 litre wort chiller about 9 months ago at a bargain price,so may well buy the 50 litre version from here.
  • Rating
    An excellent system
    Review by Philon 03/06/2016
    The Braumeister automates the right parts of the process, so you are still in control and involved where it counts. It's compact and easy to clean too. I have upgraded the tap, and I am still looking for the most convenient way to contain or filter the hops, but overall this is an excellent system and a pleasure to use.
  • Rating
    Expensive, but Great Piece of Kit
    Review by Martinon 28/04/2016
    The Braumeister was a major leap for me from extract kits into the world of grain based brewing.
    My first thought was 'Oh god, what I have done, that was a lot of monery...'.
    Then i tried my first brew, an experimental Gluten free beer based on on extracts. This helped the transition to the Braumeister methods. The process was so easy to control, and the result appears to be very close to what I was expecting. Next up was an all grain Abbey-ish ale, this is where I understood the joys of the Braumeister. I have always shied away from the thought of controlling a 5 gallon pot on the cooker , especially sparging and trsnferring to another vessel for boil. My kitchen is not very large! The Braueister makes it so easy, I was free to make coffees, check SGs and double-check the recipe whilst the Braumeister just got in with it. Result, one clear wort with great flavour, can;'t wait to try this one.
    Minimal space was needed, and the clean up is relatively easy with just the one vessel to clean.
    Worth the money comnpared to a Grainmaster? No idea, but I do love my Braumeister and would not swap.
    Good advice can be found on the internet to avoiud a stuck mash, I used a hop sock to keep the hop resideu under control, and the BM filter screens seemed to work fine for me.
  • Rating
    Got the Buzz again
    Review by AntRog65on 21/02/2016
    This bit of bling has given me the buzz about home brewing again and its all down to zee Germans!
    German engineering and as friend of mine said 'you've got to pay for quality'.
    The new style display is really good and takes you through every step.
    The recirculating of the wort is fantastic - I could watch that all day!
    There's a big Braumeister community out there so lots of info to help you get going.
    Any flaws? Yes for me the bar that you stand the malt pipe on should be manufactured to be fixed around the rim - some simple bends in the bar would do it.
    OK this is a small moan but this machine still gets a 10/10.
  • Rating
    Simply brilliant
    Review by Mikeon 01/02/2016
    This has to be the ultimate single vessel programmable brewing system, bar none! German engineering at its best. Of course it's not cheap, as most other reviewers have said, but you get what you pay for.

    Easy to set-up; easy to programme; simple cleaning; repeatable quality. What more could you ask for? Even a complete beginner to all grain brewing would be hard-pressed to get it wrong and yet it is still a very rewarding process for the experienced brewer who will enjoy experimenting and 'tweaking'.

    If you're really serious about all grain brewing, invest in a Braumeister.

    You also get great support and fabulous service from BrewUK.
  • Rating
    Review by Grahamon 24/11/2015
    As most people will comment, this is an expensive bit of kit, especially when you add in some of the optional 'extra's. What I can say is that everything from the build to the functions are top notch. I previously brewed using a 3V set up with RIMS controlled by a PID. Having a young family, work commitments and generally not wanting to worry about leaks, upgrade to a new boiler, HLT etc. I was looking to balance this whilst allowing me to follow this wonderful hobby, I was a 'lurker' for some time before committing to this purchase.

    Despite being the proud owner for only 3 weeks I have managed to brew 4 times with me just completing number 4 a mere half hour ago. So far I have brewed my own hoppy APA, Brew UK Mosaic IPA, Brew UK West Coast Saison & today a last minute Kolsch due to some unforeseen circumstances.

    Setting the system up is a doddle and it didn't take me long to tune in my recipe schedule. I followed the suggestion to mash at 38c and then added my own steps from there, it was all too simple and having the SS domed lid meant filling the malt pipe was very very easy and no mess. It is worth noting that I have read up on the 'no sparge' technique and followed this by filling up to 34L, reaching mash in temp, collecting 7ish litres in a spare pot, filling the mash pipe and then adding the water back in. I have done this for all 4 brews though slightly changing water volume as I dial in my losses etc.

    For 2 of my brews I done an overnight mash which mashed fully and then at mash out kept recirculating wort with the lid on at 76C overnight until I came in the following morning.

    The boil itself is very good when using the domed lid, if not then it seems more of a simmer so I would recommend it if finances allow it. I also bought bought the thermal jacket which will help me insulate in a cold garage in sunny Scotland.

    I bought the Spiedel hop filter but ended up selling it after one use as whilst it was ok for leaf hops it is not recommended for pellets, it also lets some leafs in probably they shot up during the rolling boil. I have since bought a custom springer filter from Italy.

    I used a plate chiller for the first 3 brews mostly as I like to use my hop rocket as an inline filter. I did however buy the immersion chiller which I used today to great effect, the water is obviously colder this time of year however it got from 100 to my 75c steeping temp in 3/4 minutes and then from 75 to 18 in 15ish minutes. i did use hop bags this time to allow the pumps to be on when cooling. I then whirlpooled and left to settle. This resulted in lovely clear wort, it may not make the beer better but is great to look at and admire.

    Cleaning is a doddle also, The multiple and filters take 2 minutes to clean and for the main kettle I just use some of the luke warm water collected from chilling to get the gunk out and then some more with Oxi cleaner to the 20L mark. I then set to 80c with the pump on. Once emptied the element is spotless and all remnants of gunk gone. I then rinse and bring to a boil with some more water, empty for a final time, sit it upside down to drain fully and then clean the pump which takes 2 minutes.

    Overall I just love this, yes it does have limits in terms of high OG's (without double mash) and I am still dialling in volumes, losses etc but I have to say I love it. I love that I can make this a true one vessel operation, overnight or all day mash, clean with ease and generally just set and forget it for hours at a time. I see myself brewing more often now and getting those Corny kegs nice and full
  • Rating
    Top Notch
    Review by Signposton 07/11/2015
    The Speidel Braumister, is a superb piece of equipment.

    It has been made to the very high standard you would expect for this kind of investment, and it is an investment.

    The Braumister, has transformed my brew days, reducing the time envolved at every stage of the pre fermentation process.

    It is swift and easy to set up, and has many clever features to ensure that you get a perfect brew at the end of all you hard effort.

    Add to this it is so much less hassle to clean than the traditional multi stage all grain set up and you are onto a winner.

    Great product, I invested and won't look back.
  • Rating
    Review by Willieon 01/11/2015
    Makes AG brewing a pleasure. Easy to use and the clean up afterwards is a dodder.
  • Rating
    Great bit of kit
    Review by Johnon 05/08/2015
    OK, it's not exactly cheap, and neither are the extras. However, it makes all-grain brewing an absolute pleasure.

    While it's perfectly possible to make great beer using the other methods available, if you can afford/justify this I don't think you'll be disappointed. The extra control the Braumeister gives should make brews far easier to repeat.
  • Rating
    Hesitated for years
    Review by DanBon 03/08/2015
    I hesitate to buy this for a long time due to its cost - but I'm glad I went for it in the end. It makes the brewing day much more enjoyable. The unit's production is of high standards. I could not find a defect.
    A breeze to programme, it has also sound alerts and requires manual confirmation at each step that requiring human input.

    The programme steps are cleverly designed, with rest steps to allow the malt to disperse in the mash water from time to time. They cared for details. Sparging is not needed as the pump recirculate the wort and extract all the sugar from the grains. I found efficiency to be around 72-80%.

  • Rating
    Believe the hype!
    Review by AubreyGon 26/06/2015
    After aspiring to, refining and slowly putting together a 3 vessel system over many years, I decided to downsize my kit to a Braumeister.
    I have no regrets.
    I'm certainly a big fan of very "hands on" brewing, which to me has translated into having a fine degree of control over my brew day. I have quite a small brewery (ok, lets call that a kitchen and anywhere else I can unload brew equipment around the house on a brew day), and was finding myself endlessly having to move brew kit about during the day and juggling a lot of kit setup about the kitchen.
    Instead of this I can now focus on one vessel and fine tune my brew with much accuracy, especially when concerning stepped mash temperatures when required.
    For those who may be worried that you set it much like a bread maker then come back later when its all done, this is not the case - I find myself still fully engaged in a brew day, but cleaner, easier, more precise and a bit faster. In between the Braumeister programs there are always other things to do like checking ph, cleaning and readying fermenter, measuring out hops, sorting chiller, etc, etc.
    Build quality is top notch and cleaning is a total breeze especially compared to dealing with the 3v system I had.
    No probs using in doors, and can vent increased steam out the window in colder months using the hood accessory and some alu piping I rigged up (not an accessory!).
    If you are reading this as you've been undecided, just do yourself a favour and get it.
    Sure it's expensive, and would take ages to recoup the costs vs buying beer or other brewing kit, but if you are a passionate homebrewer hobbiest you won't be disappointed!
  • Rating
    Great Product, Brew Days have never been easier.
    Review by GrowlingDogBeeron 24/06/2015
    Having been a Home Brewer for many years and had various incarnations of 3 vessel brewing systems, my latest being a 10 gallon stainless steel brewery it was time for a change.
    I've been looking at the Braumeister for a while as wanted to free up some space in my garage and make brewdays easier. I've had the 20L BM for just over 2 weeks now and have managed to do 4 brews in it so far. It is so easy to use and doesn't require constant attention like my 3 vessel set up did. I know some people say this method of brewing is not real but I disagree, this is progress and makes Homebrew much easier and the results more predictable. I'm very happy so far, it is easy to use, easy to clean and makes good beer.
  • Rating
    This will make you want to stay sober to use it again and again!
    Review by Schonenbergon 03/06/2015
    I am a petrol head but I was ten times more excited about getting this beauty than driving our new MX5. Having been on the excellent grain course at BrewUK HQ, I was very keen to progress from extract brewing. I have home brewed for 5 years now and have 6 cornie kegs, and a fermenting fridge that can take 4 x 25 litre fermenters at once.

    After the initial confusion about this model (networking is coming later in the year - I guess with a replacement front panel), I eagerly removed the machine from the well packed box. At the moment we have limited space so I set the machine up in our kitchen with very little hassle. I made a lined Velcro jacket for the Braumeister out of curtain interlining fabric, which worked very well.

    I followed the initial cleaning instructions and cleaned out the pump. It had a little blue residue in there, which I guess is from the manufacturing process. I also poured enough boiling water around all inside surfaces and vented the pump.

    I set the time and background colour (deep blue).

    I input my first recipe with 4 mashing steps - didn’t need the manual for this - pretty easy to follow, but the instructions are in there. I filled the Braumeister with water to just below the 25 litre mark.

    By then I was getting cocky. I followed the instruction manual for inputting grain but omitted to press the ‘Select’ button prior to putting in grain so the pump was still working and whoosh - all the grain I’d begun to pour in flowed over the malt pipe down the sides! Idiot. I didn’t panic. I aborted the brewing process. I emptied and drained the grain into a stainless steel pot. I rinsed out the Braumeister and the pump and tap, and refilled (with a little less water as the extracted sodden grain would provide moisture) and started again. Lost about an hour.

    All went well after that. I wanted to use the maximum amount of grain possible (6kg) and after inputting my recipe (Slarty’s Art using Citra hops) into Beer Alchemy it predicted an O.G. of 1.053, and an ABV of 6.2%. The actual O.G was 1.058. I added approximately 1 litre of boiling water to the hop cycle to about 23 litres (I’d lost water emptying the vessel in the false start (see above)).

    We love hoppy beers so I am glad I’d purchased the Hopscreen to pop in once sterilized before decanting to the fermenting vessel. I needed to tip the machine on our work surface to get the wort out below the tap but that was fine with care so as not to knock the front panel. I did need to aerate the wort a bit more since I didn’t have the height I needed to transfer directly to the glass carboy.

    It is interesting to note that it would take about the same time to do 200 litres as 20, apart from the time needed to heat and cool a larger amount.

    Motherly duties precluded a cleaning cycle immediately, so I simply filled the Braumeister with cold water after rinsing, vented the pump and left it overnight. I rinsed the other equipment too and let that drain. This morning I was able to loosen then remove all deposits inside including the pump. I then filled the bottom with 4 litres of boiling water to soak the heating element and a couple of hours later used a brush and cleaned that off. Lastly I scrubbed every surface clean with StarSan and let them dry. I watched a YouTube video of a guy who’d used caustic soda on the inside but after I received a BrewUK water analysis via Murphy I am well aware of the make up of water and wouldn’t want to introduce harmful chemicals to brews, especially since caustic soda could harm the impeller.

    It is now on its own display table in the dining room, without the jacket :-)

    I love it and am looking forward to creating more recipes. Thank you BrewUK.
  • Rating
    Well worth buying
    Review by elion 29/05/2015
    Did my first brew on my new Braumeister 20L yesterday and what a joy to brew on.

    One vessel means less mess, less clean up and less to store, but the Braumeister itself is also an absolute joy to use.
    The new control panel is so clear and easy to read.
  • Rating
    wow what a fantastic unit
    Review by Krispyon 11/05/2015
    I was tempted to buy one of these for some time.. but the price obviously means it's a serious investment.

    In the end I bought one to celebrate a new job, and it really has made brew day's simpler and less effort.

    Build quality is fantastic, everything fits so well, and it's SHINY! :-)

    the control system is fairly easy to program - there does seem to be the odd glitch sometimes - but a firmware update is coming I'm told (need the wireless kit available later this year tho).

    i found the buttons are so sensitive they activate if you are spraying starsan around (as I do to sterilise the tap etc).

    You won't believe how clear your wort is after a nice long mash - it filters to the point of being 'bright' clear. doesn't mean the beer is better, but it's nice to see.

    boil is OK - probably middle of the road ... I got the insulating jacket too and that does stop you burning yourself.

    easier to clean than I thought - some oxy cleaner and set to warm water to 38c and turn on pumps and leave for 10 minutes or so. then soft sponge/cloth and you don't need to rub that hard.

    pump comes apart easy (hand tighten) just to ensure the 'spinny bit' is nice and clean and holes are clear.

    my best beer so far - has cleared better than previous beers (I don't usually fine my beer).

    The only tough bit of the brew is now lifting the malt pipe clear of the unit. it can be around 13-14kg when full of wet grain, and as I've got the Braumeister up on my kitchen side, I have to use some steps to get enough height to lift it out - and it's a tough job to lift out then move sideways to put down. A 2nd pair of hands helps at that point.

    If you want to see pictures/video in use - I write a beer blog and have my thoughts there; http://beerwriter.co.uk/new-kit-brew-3c-pale-ale/ and http://beerwriter.co.uk/braumeister-brew-equinox-ipa/
  • Rating
    If you like beer, get one!
    Review by Clubrooton 08/04/2015
    If you like beer, get one!
  • Rating
    Great Product!
    Review by Flporpson 16/03/2015
    My Video of the New 2015 20L Braumeister.

  • Rating
    I love my Braumeister
    Review by Duncanon 15/05/2014
    Without this fantastic device, I would probably never have moved to all-grain brewing. It takes much of the scope for error out of the brewing process and allows you to put all your efforts into the important stuff - figuring out mash schedules, grain bills and hop schedules. It's much harder to mess up a brew when the more arduous parts of brewing are taken care of for you by the fine temperature control. Make no mistake, there is still plenty to do when you brew, the whole process from beginning to end still takes me 5 - 6 hours. However, the mash can be left entirely unattended so it is not an especially active 6 hours, notwithstanding the cleaning at the end!

    One of the best aspects of the Braumeister is how easy it is to get great brew efficiency... on only my second brew attempt I managed to get ~90% efficiency. I picked up a few tips and tricks from various places which I'll list here:

    - Crush my own grain with the Brewferm maltmill, to the standard setting of 1.27mm
    - 90 minute Saccharification Rest.
    - Half way through the sacc rest, I pause the unit and stir the grains to reduce any channeling of the wort through the grain bed
    - Post mash, I sparge with 4 to 5 litres of water one litre at a time, at around 70-75 degrees C
    - Once the grain bed is drained, I lightly compress the grain bed to get out the last few bits of wort. I'm not sure this really achieves much, but contrary to popular belief it doesn't seem to extract tannins at all.

    As stated in other reviews, the only major downside to this unit is that it could be tricky to brew beers >7.5% without a double mash or adding sugar or extract. The only major annoyance is cleaning out the hops once the boil is over and the wort is in the fermenter. Hops can easily block the pump once they fall during the chill, so I am considering making a hop spider. The boil isn't particularly vigorous, but this doesn't seem to affect hop utilisation at all... my recent APA is plenty bitter enough!

    My first brew with this unit was with a brew UK recipe pack (Darkstar Festival)... although the efficiency may not be quite as good as grinding yourself, the grain crush is perfectly adequate and there were no signs of the 'wort fountains' that can apparently occur with a too-fine grain crush. A recipe pack certainly helps made for a low stress first brew.

    I also invested in the jacket, the wort chiller and the hop guard for the tap outlet. All are fairly pricey but each saves time and hassle. I can't recommend this unit enough if you can spare the money... coupled with good fermentation temperature control, you can make truly fantastic beer.
  • Rating
    Great bit of kit
    Review by Daveon 04/09/2013
    Very nicely made bit of kit - takes all the hassle out of the brew day, not to hard to clean and because of the simple and fantastic control system means you get very consistent results.

    I would get the thermo-jacket too - the system doesn't cool down very fast even when it is off, but it makes heating up faster.

    I would suggest calling Brew UK to ensure they are in stock before ordering and getting an idea of the lead time if not.

    I would think hard about getting the 200l version (if it they made it as big as 500l and open a micro-brewery with it :)
  • Rating
    Excellent piece of kit, have had mine for nearly a year
    Review by Grab a Saladon 02/05/2013
    Just to be clear , I got mine before Brew UK started selling them and from the importer.

    The key feature about this machine is that it brings predictability to the process of mashing and the boil. the predictability allows you to focus on tweaking recepies and not worry if the next batch will be biassed by a difference in mash temperature etc...

    I have brewed Landlord, Oatmeal Stout, Kolsch, Fullers ESB, Fat Angel and Sam Smiths Winter Welcome to mention a few.

    The machine does its job admirably and i have had great sucess with it...
    It drops one star for the following minor issues...

    1 The malt tube will accomodate 6KG of malt but not much more. this has never been an issue for me as i can get 7.1% ABV out of it and i usually aim for arround 4-5, however if you were into barley wine you would need to mash twice, splitting the grain bill between the mashes...

    2 It can be sensitive to the crush of the malt. if the malt is crushed too fine the wort can't pass through it easily and then it seems to force cavities through the grain and fountain upwards which typically ends with a cleanup operation. To avoid this crush your malt only enough to break open the grain husks, its more of a cracking the grain than crushing it. I always buy whole grains if i can and lightly crush them myself to avoid mess...

    I recommend the insulation Jacket and the coolerwhich are very good at what they do but dont waste money on the copper hood, it achieves little for its cost...

    In summary , a great piece of kit which will give you loads of good results given you dont over crush your grains..

    Hopefully there will be loads of you buying it and then a nice healthy community forming sharing ideas and recepies...