Everything to do with brewing beer at home. Tips, techniques, recipes, advice from BrewUK, experts in home brewing

  1. Cooling fermentations in hot weather

    Struggling with high fermentation temps? Here's some tips for keeping cool!

  2. Storing Beer at Home - Lesson 3 Bottling

    Bottling your home brew - Sounds like a pain but can be made a little easier with our top tips!

  3. Storing Beer at Home - Lesson 2 Kegs

    Kegs - Everything you need to know about Cornie Kegs!

  4. Setting up Brew Fridge using an ATC 800+

    How to setup a brew fridge and wire up an ATC 800+

  5. Storing Beer at Home - Lesson 1 Pressure Barrels/Casks

    Once you’ve fermented your beer, you need something to store and serve it from. In this post we’ll cover using pressure barrels and casks

  6. Hoppy IPA BBQ Sauce

    Spice up your BBQ with this great, hoppy IPA BBQ Sauce!

  7. Brewers Yeast

    Yeastie Beasties! - Want to know more about them?

  8. Cookoo Fair Bitter

    It's the Cookoo fair this Saturday so check out this great recipe from Downton Brewery - Cookoo Fair Bitter!

  9. Temperature Controller Fermentation

    Do you have temperature controlled fermentation? Find why you should!

  10. Dandelion Wine

    Dandelion Wine - This is a traditional Dandelion wine recipe. Pick the flowers at Midday when the sun is shining so that the flowers are fully open. Traditionally picked on St George's day (April 23rd), this is the ultimate, old fashioned, homemade wine.

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