Downton Brewery Cookoo Fair Bitter

Established in 2004, on a leased 10BBL plant from the nearby Hop Back Brewery, the Downton Brewery has grown to be one of Wiltshires most popular brewers. Having started his career at Fullers, Managing Director Martin Strawbridge continues to make great beers winning numuorous awards, including the popular Chimera IPA and Honey Blond.

This Cockoo Fair Bitter was created for the Downton Cockoo Fair in 2010. Attracting over 20,000 visitors, this 1 day Spring festival is a great day out for the whole family.  A great beer festival can usually found in the garden of the White Horse along with lots of live music, morris dancers and stalls. This beer was by far the best we tasted last year and we are priviledged that Martin has been kind enough to share it with us.

To make 23 Litres.

O.G. 1041
P.G. 1010
ABV 4.2%

4.36kg Pale Malt

45g Crystal Wheat

45g Chocolate Malt

45g Roasted Barley

(assumes 75% effeciency)
90 Mins - 43g East Kent Goldings 
End of Boil 28g East Kent Goldings, 9 g Pioneer, 6g Styrian Goldings, 4g Fuggles
Mash temp 67C 1 hour stand
Fermentation and conditioning:
Yeast = Wyeast 1968 ESB or Danstar Nottingham

Fermentation temp 20oC
Should ferment in 7 days
Condition for 7 days at 12oC
Fine and serve 12oC