1. Create your own recipes

    Create your own recipes
    We all want to make unique beers that we can call our own. It’s one of the reasons that we began home brewing in the first place but recipe creation can seem a daunting task. So where do you start?     Although it’s very tempting to go wild and create the next undiscovered beer style, it’s more likely to...
  2. Pimp your kit!

    Home brewing is all about experimentation. It’s partly why we all got interested in this hobby in the first place. Not all of us have time for brewing beer using the all grain or even extract methods but all is not lost as even beer kits can be customised to create unique, flavoursome, custom versions.       Beer kits...
  3. Kettle Souring

    Kettle/Fast Souring Beers   Fast (wort) souring is a method which has seen a huge increase in popularity over the past few years, especially from commercial breweries who want to produce tart, sour beers quickly and in a controlled manner. Bacteria is added to the wort (usually Lactobacillus) which consumes some of the sugar’s in the wort, producing lactic acid...
  4. Boil Times

    Things to consider before shortening your boil time

  5. Kräusening Lagers

    Kräusening to improve your homebrew lagers

  6. Off Flavours - Diacetyl

    Diacetyl - What is it and how to prevent it in your beer.

  7. Growing Hops

    An introduction to Growing Hops at Home

  8. Boil in the Bag

    Simple All Grain Brewing Method!

  9. Top tips 2019

    Top tips for making better beer in 2019! When we started BrewUK, 10 years ago, the original idea for the site came when we were making some cider from apples in our garden. We’d been home brewing for a couple of years but had never made cider. We could find websites to order the ingredients and websites which told us...
  10. High Gravity Brewing

    Fermentation tips for High Gravity Beers

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