Everything to do with brewing beer at home. Tips, techniques, recipes, advice from BrewUK, experts in home brewing

  1. Boil Times

    Things to consider before shortening your boil time

  2. Kräusening Lagers

    Kräusening to improve your homebrew lagers

  3. Off Flavours - Diacetyl

    Diacetyl - What is it and how to prevent it in your beer.

  4. Growing Hops

    An introduction to Growing Hops at Home

  5. Boil in the Bag

    Simple All Grain Brewing Method!

  6. Top tips 2019

    Top tips for making better beer in 2019! When we started BrewUK, 10 years ago, the original idea for the site came when we were making some cider from apples in our garden. We’d been home brewing for a couple of years but had never made cider. We could find websites to order the ingredients and websites which told us...
  7. High Gravity Brewing

    Fermentation tips for High Gravity Beers

  8. Tips for Bottle Conditioning

    Having issues with your bottle conditioning - 7 Tips to perfection here!

  9. Dandelion Wine

    Dandelion Wine - Traditionally picked on St George's day (April 23rd), this is the ultimate, old fashioned, homemade wine.

  10. Water for brewing

    Water chemistry is a complex subject but our guide will show you how simple changes in your brewing water can reap dividends in your beer quality

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