Recipes - St Austell Big Smoke

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St Austell Brewery has been brewing beer and real ale in Cornwall since 1851. Renouned for beers including Tribute, HSD and Proper Job, St Austell has become known for brewing some of the best beers in the UK.

Head Brewer Roger Ryman has been kind enough to share a recipe for one of their popular seasonal ales from earlier in the year.

Big Smoke is a Dark Reddish Brown beer. Dark Chocolate flavours mix with subtle red berry and smoked aftertaste. A great winter beer from a great brewery.  

To make 25 Litres.

O.G. 1056
P.G. 1012
ABV 5.6%

4.600kg Maris Otter Pale Malt

750g Smoked Malt

450g Crystal Malt

300g Black Malt
(assumes 75% effeciency)
Start of boil 25g Willlamette Hops
15 mins from end of boil 25g Willamette and 25g Willamette Hops at end of boil.
Mash temp 65C 60mins
Sparge temp 74C
Boil 75 minutes as vigorously as possible
Irish Moss or Protafloc in last 15 mins
Fermentation and conditioning:
Yeast = Wyeast Irish 1084, White Labs WLP004 or S-04

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Fermentation temp 19oC
Should ferment in 7 days
Condition for 7 days at 12oC
Fine and serve 12oC

Optionally add 5 grams of toasted oak chips to the barrel or add to secondary fermenter.

This beer can be drunk young but will benefit from extended maturing time.