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Named after the aromatic, fruity hop used in this beer, Way To Amarillo is an American IPA style beer. Light in colour, well hopped and stronger than English style ales, this one really hits the spot.

Best bottled and served cold from the fridge, this is the type of ale that will convert even hardened lager drinkers.

This recipe uses the malt extract technique for brewing and will produce around 21 Litres. 





25 Litre Fermenting bin + lid

Trail Jar





Brew starter equipment set contains all of above.


You will also need a large pan (big enough to boil 6 litres of water) and a strainer.





50grm Amarillo hops

3 x 1kg light dried malt extract

American Ale Yeast

(Get all of above in our Way to Amarillo recipe pack)

Approx 21 Litres of bottled water.



all equipment and rise before using.

Bring 6 litres of water to the boil and Dissolve the 1kg of malt extract and 30g of the hops. Boil for 40 mins then add the other 2kg of malt extract. Add a further 10g of hops and boil for a further 15 minutes. Turn off the heat and add a further 10g of the hops and allow to steep for 30 mins. 

Add 8 litres of water to a the fermenting bin then strain the boiled liquid into the water. Top up the fermenting bin to 21 Litre mark. Ideally pouring the remaining water through the strainer to extract maximum flavour from the hops. Add the yeast when the liquid has cooled to pitching temperature (15-24C), if in doubt use a thermometer to check the temperature. Take a hydrometer reading and record starting gravity. Place the lid on (ensuring one corner is not fully clipped down) or use a lid with airlock. Move to a suitable area in the house and leave until fermentation is complete. Bottle and wait approx 1 - 2 weeks to clear. As with all beers, it will continue to improve with age.

OG: 1.050

FG: 1.011

This will give you an ABV of around 5.1%.

See our Need to know - Barrel or Bottle section for more information.

If you wish to brew this one with less Alcohol then just add more water at the end. If you take the final volume up to 23 litres then it will give you OG of about 1.046 (4.6 ABV).

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