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Speidel Braumeister 20L - NEW PLUS Version

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Speidel Braumeister 20L - NEW PLUS Version


All in one vessel, compact, professional brewing system from Speidel - Germany.

Brand new Plus version in stock now.
All the functions of the existing model but with:
- Build in welded cooling jacket so you can circulate cooling water without an chiller
- Bottom outlet valve so you can fully drain the unit without tipping, making cleaning much easier.

- memory function for 10 different recipes
- TFT screen which will allow for the user to see the full recipe and easily change it
- If you wish to connect tubing the tap, you need 1/2 bore.

The units are very well packaged and sent fully insured. In the unlikely event that the item is damaged in transit we will fix any issues straight away.

All in one vessel, compact, professional brewing system from Speidel - Germany.

The Braumeister has been developed especially for the active home brewer or microbrewer. It has never been so simple to brew great beer from raw ingredients. What makes the main difference is the malt no longer needs to be washed out (sparged) through an agitator into a seperate mash tun and boiler but by a constant gentle re-circulating pump treatment of the wort, it sparges as it mashes! Mashing, purifying and hop boiling are all done in one single kettle. The control is fully automatic and can be programmed according to the specific recipe making precision mashing at various temperature stages easy and hassle free. There is also only one vessel to clean and store, ideal for those where space is at a minimum.

The Braumeister is designed for a brewing process of approximately 20 litres or 50 litres (depending on version) of beer. Any style of beer such as lager, wheat beer, ales as well as more specialist styles can be brewed. Thanks to its small size and simple handling, the Braumeister is ideal for domestic use in everybodies kitchen or garage. The possibilites are endless and you'll soon be creating custom brewed beers which are sure to impress friend and family.

The Braumeister is almost completely manufactured from stainless steel and stands out due to its high-grade German workmanship and build quality!

Techinical Specifications:

Braumeister 20 litres Material: Stainless steel

Weight: 15 kg including the inserts and lifting bows

20 kg shipping weight in the cardboard box

Heating spiral: 2000 Watt heating capacity

Pump:23 Watt Power connection: 230V~ (protection at least 10 amp)

Brewing quantity 20 l Finished beer (normal beer) =approx. 25 l of beer wort

Height:600 mm Diameter:400 mm Cardboard box: 740 x 600 x 610 mm

NEW - Control System: Fully automatic brewing control (temperature, time, pump) Quantity of malt: Max. quantity of malt 6 kg