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Pride of Yorkshire

These are more than just beer kits they are concentrated brewers wort. Production follows traditional brewhouse procedures using only the finest quality 2-row malting barley and the choicest English hops. The grist (crushed malt) is 'mashed' with water at 65°C for about one hour to convert the starches into sugar. The resultant liquid (wort) is strained off into a boiling vessel where hops are added for bitterness. After boiling, extra hops are added for flavour and aroma. In a commercial brewery the wort would be cooled rapidly to around 20°C, then transferred to a fermentation vessel where it is transformed into beer. As our worts are to be fermented at home, they first need to be reduced to a convenient size for the home beermaker to carry. To achieve this, the excess liquid is evaporated under vacuum, at low temperatures to preserve the delicate flavours, then pasteurised and canned. To continue the brewing process at home, all that is necessary is to dilute the concentrated wort back to its original density and ferment! Extra hops are included to restore aroma lost during production. Included in the box are some advanced instructions for those who like to experiment. Subtle flavour differences can be achieved by adopting a few advanced techniques e.g. bitterness adjustment, sweetness, colour etc

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Recent Reviews

  1. Brupak Colne Valley Bitter 40 Pts
    A good kit.
    It is looking good in the FV smells great
    (Review by Derek)
  2. Brupak Colne Valley Bitter 40 Pts
    A good start.
    I mixed this Yorkshire recipe with Welsh water (Brecon Carreg). A straight forward process which produced 39 quality bottles of bitter. If you can wait
    (Review by Mike)
  3. Brupak Colne Valley Bitter 40 Pts
    Cracking pint.
    Very impressed with this kit, absolutely delicious. Fresh, bitter and hoppy. Was slightly worried it was going to resemble Tetley's, but it's miles better. Have
    (Review by Gimlet)