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We have added the most frequently asked questions and answers here. If you have a question which is not already covered then please submit here. Don't forget to also have a look around our forum for lots of useful tips and advice from fellow brewers.


How can I increase the alcohol in my beer?
What is extract brewing?
Do I need anything else to make the beer kits?
How long does the beer take to make?
My starting gravity seems lower than expected?
What temperature should I ferment at?
My husband is a fan of Old Speckled Hen ale and I see you have an ingredients kit. I was wondering what brew kit I would need to accompany it. We're home brew virgins so any help would be appreciated!
Is there a simple formula for determining alcohol content ?
What is dry hopping?
How long does the beer keep?
Does Household sugar make weaker beer than using dextrose or malt extract?
Is my tap water okay to use?
How do I know my beer is fermenting?
If I am bottling my lager into 500ml bottles how much sediment is produced in them?


What's the difference between S30 and Pin Valve C02 barrels?



My finished wine is cloudy and won't clear?
Should I filter my wine?
What is degassing?
How do I fix a stuck fermentation?


What is Turbo Yeast?
How do you make high alcohol spirits at home?
Whats the best temperature for turbo yeast?


1. What Equipment do I need?
What is the delivery charge if I order the muntons premium cider kit?
2. How much does it cost
3. How Long does it take
4. What is Racking?
5. What is Priming?
6. Do I need additional sugar to a beer or wine kit?
7. Can I re use old bottles?
When bottling real ale from a kit e. g. Woodfords Sundew and bearing in mind real ale should not be fizzy, is it best not to add sugar to the bottles?


What is a yeast starter and do I need to make one?
Can I use bread yeast to make beer or wine?



I just received my Wyeast smack-pack, and it appears to be puffed up already. Is this an indicator that it has already been activated?


How do I start making cheese?
How is home cheese making different from commercial?